Exchanging hotel nights, goods and services on the network
will support the 3 pillars key to the success of your business.

1. The Financial aspect

  • Reduce your operating costs

    You can exchange the Barter Euros earned by providing hotel nights for goods and services from other network members and thus reduce the number of bills required.

  • Improve your Cash flow

    Trading Barter Euros through our platform means you can save on cash

  • The Sales trip Program

    Being able to book complimentary hotel nights at other members’ hotels around the world means a better budget and being able to plan more sales trips.

  • The Seminar program

    Some hotel members can host seminars and provide both meeting room facilities and food & beverage. You can arrange this service using your Barter Euros

  • Increase your F&B revenue during off-peak periods

    Room exchanges are based on B&B. Food & Beverage, as well as any extra service, will be settled by the guest on site.

  • The Travel agent program

    Being a member promotes a better awareness of your hotel and services among our network of Travel Agents, simply by organizing FAM trips or inviting them to visit your facilities.

2. The Human aspect

  • Enhance company loyalty

    Give your employees the option of benefiting from complimentary hotel nights across the network

  • Boost your team’s performance

    Motivate your employees by setting SMART goals and reward them with free hotel nights, goods and services from our partners.

  • Make recruiting easier

    Give your managers better packages at a lower cost to you by adding free nights thus adding value to your offer on the HR market

  • Reward yourself

    Take advantage of the exceptional hotels and destinations featured on our network to share moments of happiness with family or friends.

  • Entice property owners and investors

    The Barter Euros earned with your resources mean you can offer both property owners and investors the advantages of the network (hotel nights, goods and services). The hotel added value will no longer be linked to financial results only, allowing you to develop richer relationships.

3. The Quality aspect

  • Improve your hotel’s ranking on TripAdvisor

    After a stay at your hotel, the network member will automatically receive a "Thank you" message with a link to your TripAdvisor page. Regardless of the visitor's experience, the ethical code of the platform is to leave a five star rating and positive comments in order to contribute to the e-reputation of the hotel members.

  • The "Mystery guest" Program

    This program allows you to invite members of the network to complete an online survey. The results will be available to you on the platform, allowing you to measure your hotel's performance as well as its perceived quality standards